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How to Waste a Day

All teachers rejoiced, for it was a Snow Day yesterday. It was great fun, waking up at 5:00am, starting my morning properly with lots of coffee and blog readings, and checking the school website at 6:30 on the nose to see if the two feet of snow that had dropped had any impact on the school day. Realizing that we now had a paid day off of work, I immediately got out my to do list and jotted down two things: work out and make dinner. Simple, right? Enter alcohol.


Since I had nothing better to do at that hour in the morning, I got my workout gear on and walked to the gym. I started my first strength training circuit program workout and am still feeling it this morning. So far so good. But then the texts from friends started coming in. It started innocently enough by going for a walk with two friends and a puppy, and ended up with day drinking at 2pm and watching old Adam Sandler videos. They have not improved with time.

My husband came and joined us after his work, we all ate pizza, and then went home to crash in bed. I woke up at 1am with a hangover and took forever to get back to sleep. While I was waiting to drift back off into the Land of Nod, I was thinking about all the other things I should have done with an unexpected day off of work. I began to regret some of the choices I had made the day before that led directly to that moment of self-pity and annoyance.

I don’t regret hanging out with my friends – it’s rare that we see each other outside of work without talking about work. Yesterday was more carefree and we discussed a whole other range of topics. But I do regret not getting home and spending the evening with my husband, making a nice dinner to round off the day and feel healthy after a great morning. Perhaps next time I’ll remember this lesson.

Given too much time off switches something in my brain. It’s like I’m given too many options of what to do so I panic and do none of them. Wasting a day through alcohol or through mindless consumption of tv is so easy to do, especially in the name of relaxation. My last post talked about the February blues and how I am trying to dig myself out of them, and yesterday I was not able to pick up the shovel.

Brush it off, Pink Panther!

So. What to do after a day is wasted? Don’t waste the next one, of course! Teachers are back at work today, and I am back on the horse and ready to actually do something. Even writing this has lifted the clouds a little bit and made me realize that a pity party is incredibly unproductive, and probably quite annoying to read. A pity party is another easy way to waste a day, so let’s not, shall we? My to do list is written, and it will be ticked off by the end of the day. Time to go back to being my bad self.

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