On this page you will find my recommendations for books, podcasts, and other media that I am finding helpful.


  • Mr. Money Mustache. It was only after starting to read this blog four years ago that I started seriously thinking about money and life, and how things could be different. I love it.
  • Millenial Revolution. A relatively new addition to my daily perusals. I love their no nonsense take on everything, and they are Canadian so they address many issues that are applicable to my situation.
  • The Financial Diet. A range of essays and articles from all walks of life and run by some bad-ass ladies.
  • Dumpster Dog. I want to be her when I grow up.
  • Bitches Get Riches. Yes they do. I am becoming a Bitch, and it is fabulous.
  • The Simple Dollar. I really enjoy flipping through many of the articles and getting practical advice on all different areas of life. Plus there are new articles every day, so it’s definitely a go to for a morning routine.
  • Choose FI. Great podcasts and articles. They cover a wide range of topics and I draw a lot of inspiration from them.
  • Nerd Fitness. Just the best. I’ll leave it at that.