Updating my Financial Footprint

Over the past year I have been in the fortunate position where the financial stars have aligned. My husband was granted a Living Out Allowance for work, meaning that his company paid for our rent for a year, and I was given a massive bump in pay due to my completion of a Masters-level diploma… Continue reading Updating my Financial Footprint


A Year of Sobriety

Yes, a full year. Looking back at some of my previous posts I can see how far my attitude has shifted about alcohol and its place in my life. When I first started this challenge I was terrified. I worried that I was heading towards a rock bottom. All the signs were there: I was… Continue reading A Year of Sobriety

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Waking Up with a Clear Head: Eight Weeks of Sobriety

This morning is apparently winter's last hurrah in our little part of the world. The snow falling is really fine and dainty, but it's being whipped into a frenzy by strong winds and temperatures are hovering around -4 (a very big deal for us who don't know how to have a proper winter). As such… Continue reading Waking Up with a Clear Head: Eight Weeks of Sobriety