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Not Buying Something Has Become the Treat

A few days ago I hit my 60th day of sobriety, and I was super excited about it. So much so that I decided to buy myself a little something to celebrate. It couldn't be food related, because I already buy extremely high quality meat and am not eating pastries and stuff right now (which… Continue reading Not Buying Something Has Become the Treat

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Changes Add Up Surprisingly Quickly

Today I was struck by how different my daily life looks compared to less than two months ago. Then, I would be driving home from work, picking up a bottle or can of something from the liquor store, have no energy to cook something healthy, maybe drag my ass to the gym without much enthusiasm,… Continue reading Changes Add Up Surprisingly Quickly

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Waking Up with a Clear Head: Eight Weeks of Sobriety

This morning is apparently winter's last hurrah in our little part of the world. The snow falling is really fine and dainty, but it's being whipped into a frenzy by strong winds and temperatures are hovering around -4 (a very big deal for us who don't know how to have a proper winter). As such… Continue reading Waking Up with a Clear Head: Eight Weeks of Sobriety

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50 Days of Challenges

Right before New Year's Eve my husband and I went to a beautiful hotel in a town on the coast of Vancouver Island. It was about an hour and a half away but felt super decadent because we hadn't left our little area due to Covid restrictions. It had a glorious old clawfoot tub that… Continue reading 50 Days of Challenges

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Three and a Half Weeks Sober: Strong yet Scared

Perhaps the pandemic has given me an unexpected gift: I have an excuse not to go out drinking with friends. At any other point in my life I was unable/lacked the willpower to say no to social situations. I think it stems from my insecurities in school, when I was painfully shy and never invited… Continue reading Three and a Half Weeks Sober: Strong yet Scared

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Being in Limbo is a Curse

Lately most have us have been stuck in a form of limbo: when will we get to go back to work? When will things return to normal? Am I allowed to leave the house? Will I get shamed for going for a walk? (Seriously, the shaming needs to stop - here in BC we're encouraged… Continue reading Being in Limbo is a Curse

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Puzzles are my New Best Friends

Man, I'm beginning to hate being on a computer. I used to love sitting down to it in the morning, leaving it for the day, and then spending some quality time on it in the evenings. Now, however, I am forced to be on it constantly, all day every day, as I teach online and… Continue reading Puzzles are my New Best Friends

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Screw Perfect, Make Something Ugly

Most of us have an absolutely insane amount of spare time and energy right now. How do we channel that? Yesterday I saw my first shouting match between people who were out walking, one of whom didn't think the other was giving them enough space. Both of them had valid points, but surely descending into… Continue reading Screw Perfect, Make Something Ugly