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Me, Myself and I

Well, I’ve done it. After months (maybe even years) of waffling around, I’ve taken the plunge and started a blog. At the moment it is a bit frightening – I don’t like confrontation and the idea of publishing words online for others to read and judge is a bit overwhelming. But at the end of the day, I found what I find is the appropriate attitude: write for me, screw the trolls, embrace the challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed writing creatively. In high school I was the one who finished the short stories and essays in English class the day they were assigned. My university years stamped out the habit of writing for pleasure; if it didn’t have multiple sources and a dry style, it was not good writing. Years later, and I’m starting to find my voice again. Very empowering stuff. Down the line I’m sure I’ll stumble and feel bad and discover writer’s block, but I’m realizing how completely normal that is.

My reasons for starting this site are plenty: I’ve recently discovered the Financial Independence sphere and am plunging in head first, I want to write for writing’s sake, I need something to hold myself accountable, and I want to document my different steps in life (an online journal, of sorts). This blog will mainly focus on the financial side of things, but I have plenty of rants in me about a wide variety of topics. This introduction is an off-the-cuff, no pauses entry that I will read over in future and cringe at, but it’s merely a step in the door as I find a style that suits.

So. Enough stalling. This is who I am: I am a 30, nearly 31, year old who is starting to really get her shit together. I live in the suburbs of one of the most expensive cities in the world, Vancouver, with my husband in a two-bedroom rental. I am a Kindergarten teacher in a wonderful school district, I play soccer on the weekends and am currently working on developing enough upper body strength to complete the monkey bars set at the gym (seriously, it’s so hard. Kids make it look so effortless, but I encourage you to try and see for yourself). I am overweight but active, and have a severe addiction to sugar. I lived in Scotland for six years after university, and have only been back in Canada for two years. I think that’s enough details for now.

In truth I don’t know where this blog will go. Many times I start things and lose interest, and I even had another blog a few years ago that I don’t remember the login details for. None of that matters though, as I’m starting again and am keen to continue. Step one, publishing this. Step two, writing tomorrow. And the next day. Aaannnd the next day.

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