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Battling Back after an Exhausting Holiday

The countdown to beginning the school year is on! Only two more days to sleep in, only two more nights to live it up (if by live it up I mean have a couple of drinks with friends and then go to bed before 10pm). That’s all cool – mentally I am more than ready to get back to work/reality and get my routine back into its groove. Physically is another story.

I’ve been working out all summer, and really pushing myself to make healthier choices in food and activity categories. As of five days ago I looked and felt better than I have in a really, really long time. Enter the short camping holiday with family.

We’re ready to get our party on.

I love my extended family very much. We all get along like a house on fire, and any time we are together there are so many laughs that my voice isn’t back to normal for days. But one of the social constructs that my family revolves around is edible consumption. This means food and drinks. Lots of food and drinks. And in general it is food that I have found does not necessarily agree with me (sorry to my sister, who was sharing the same tent as me). My mom and my aunt are both foodies, and love pastas and wheat products. They are both naturally slim and tend to poopoo my opinions on the matter (I try to avoid any wheat products apart from beer – which I am also working towards limiting – because it really bloats me and makes me feel like shit), and when they are in charge of the family meals there are lots of wheat products out.

It’s hard to resist eating the foods they make without seeming rude or ungrateful. My sister, bless her, covered for me by eating some of my portions, but I consumed a lot of food that I knew I would pay for later. On the other side of the coin, I willingly drank huge amounts of wine over the past four days. I’m talking bottles of the good stuff, because the parents were buying it. And it was great. I loved every minute of it, particularly because I tend not to get hangovers when I am camping; maybe it’s something to do with the fresh air, I don’t really know.

An approximation of day one’s alcohol consumption between six people.

All I know is that after four days of ungodly amounts of food and alcoholic beverages, coupled with very little exercise apart from walking along a beach for a couple of hours and chopping wood for the fire, I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole. I was, and still am, bloated, uncomfortable, foggy-headed and unhappy with my choices. At the same time I have no regrets over the time spent with my family, learning new board games, rehashing old memories and making new ones. So what now? I have a birthday party today which involves a bicycle brewery tour around Vancouver, so that’s not exactly a great way to get back on the horse.

Here are my steps for the next few days to get ready to go back to work and to get back into my healthy regime:

  • VEGETABLES. I did not get enough of these, so the vast majority of every meal this weekend is going to include huge amounts.
  • WATER. Pretty please hydrate me. I feel like a raisin that’s been dried for too long. During the brewery tour I will have a glass of water between each drink (a strategy I have implemented a long time ago and am very good at), and apart from coffee and tea I will drink nothing else afterwards.
  • Not ordering pints. As far as I’m aware we’re supposed to be hitting up at least five breweries. Five. And we will probably have more than one drink in each one. Great (sarcasm). So, I will order the half pints and really work on slow sipping and savouring.
  • Using only cash. I’ve talked about this before, and it’s a great way to really keep the budget in line and not having drink and wallet hangovers in the morning.
  • Going to the gym. Getting a sweat on will help me focus on my long term goals.
  • Walking everywhere, including to work.
  • Cooking my own meals and prepping for lunches the night before. I also plan on hard boiling two eggs for every lunch meal on Sunday so that I have a quick and easy protein source.

A good-habit crushing few days doesn’t have to knock me out of my healthy ways. If anything I should view them as a way of life that is behind me. A few years ago that would have been the norm for me (barring the amounts of wine) and I wouldn’t have noticed how bad I feel if I eat crap after weeks of clean eating. This time around, instead of viewing is as “failing” on a diet, I’m changing my attitude and looking forward, not back. Solutions, not moping about mistakes. And it feels really fucking good.


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