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Challenge Day 4: Tragedy and the Next Meal

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve become too habituated to ordering food online and having it delivered. It is so simple and easy and stress free that it sucks me right in. My wallet has been taking a reasonably hefty hit – about $250 extra per month on a handful of meals. That could be my entire grocery budget for the whole month. I resolved to try a thirty day challenge where I would only eat food that I had cooked in my kitchen (or in someone else’s kitchen).

The first two days were easy, as I was on a high of trying something new and determined to see it through. Unfortunately on Day 3 something that I could not have foreseen happened. My uncle passed away.

He and I were not super close, but he was still my uncle and I love him. I’m very close with my aunt, who is of course devastated by this. I found out early in the morning, went to work, discovered it would be way too difficult to teach with all sorts of emotions swirling around in my head, and took a half day off. My husband kept in touch throughout the day to make sure that I was okay. And, like so many people, turned to food as a comfort for the night. We ordered Thai food and I told him stories about my uncle, and I reflected on the times that I had spent with him.

Food does that to us. It provides comfort and warmth and memories, when done correctly. I’m just starting to realize that. It’s not only about the nutrition, it’s about the experiences you make with it. A normal night should include quality time around a meal, laughing and savouring. It took a death of a relative for me to come to this mini epiphany, but it could offer profound change.

I don’t regret getting that Thai food and using it as an emotional crutch. It gave me a wonderful evening with my husband and was an excellent way to honour my uncle’s memory. Tonight will be a home-cooked meal, but that shouldn’t diminish how special it can be, and how comforting and soothing it can be on raw emotions.

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