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My New Make Everything at Home Meal Challenge – Day 1

So lately I have been becoming very lazy. About once a week I’ll text my husband, ask him what he wants for dinner, and I’ll get the response along the lines of: “I don’t know. What do you want?” I’ll look at the uninspiring contents of our fridge and suggest sushi/Thai/Indian/literally anything that doesn’t involve me having to cook. And then I’ll fire up the local delivery food app (where my credit card is already preloaded) and order away to my heart’s content.

Now, I realize doing this once a week isn’t a terrible thing. It won’t break the bank – though I am always annoyed to see that $40 popping up in my statement – and it won’t break my waistline. However, it is quickly turning into a habit, and one I don’t think would be easy to step away from. The convenience mentality, coupled with the fact that I am at best a mediocre cook, is a very powerful motivator.

So…couples goals in the next 40 years, I guess?

So I’m setting myself a new challenge: I will cook everything at home for the next 30 days. The only exception will be if I go to dinner at my parents’ or a friend’s place. A few little details for context: I am always the first one home, so I take the lead in cooking meals. My husband has PKU, a condition that does not allow him to eat protein, so I need to take that into account. I seem to work best on a Paleo-style diet, so I incorporate meat in with the main vegetarian dish. As often as I can I make a big batch of something for lunch leftovers, but we have limited freezer space due to my husband’s specialist foods being stored there.

Today is a Saturday, so I plan on researching some tasty meals and building a longer-term meal plan. I occasionally write out a weekly one, but then fall into a rut and become very bored of the same old stuff – enter the exciting culinary dishes from restaurants just a tap away on my phone. So the goals of this little challenge are to save some money, learn new dishes, and to develop the habit of cooking from home.

Cinnamon and tomatoes, eh? I’m not convinced that will be a flavour sensation.

Today’s obstacles in my way: we are going to a friend’s birthday party (a ninja gym!) and then probably will end up back at her place for lots of food/booze. Once booze becomes a factor, usually all food bets are off. The solution? I don’t have one yet. I’m hoping the enthusiasm and zeal of starting a new challenge will be enough to tide me over. Stay tuned.

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