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Cutting Others Some Slack

I love the Internet. I feel it is a massive accomplishment by humankind and I love to take advantage of all that it has to offer. I am also not blind to its pitfalls. The ability to find anything instantaneously and to a satisfying degree has made me discover something nasty about myself: I am swiftly losing patience with other people.

All this started to come to a head about a week ago. I have a lovely morning routine, in which I sip coffee and peruse all of my favourite blogs while still in my pjs. A lovely, calm way to start the day…or so I thought. As I click on the first blog, I see very quickly there is no new content. No problem, I’ve got nearly a dozen on my Bookmarks Bar to get through. One by one I click through them, and find with growing annoyance that there is no new content on any of them. How rude! Don’t these bloggers know that readers like me depend on them for regular new content?! (Please read that in a sarcastic voice, lest I get hamstringed in the comments for being a twat)

Blog as mush as possible please, everyone!

I think one of the main problems is the separation between author and content when reading on the internet. When reading a book we are automatically more patient, and, if the book is good, we are generally aware of the time and effort that went in to creating that piece. Internet articles are a different matter; I am so used to getting immediate gratification online that I don’t consider the author’s personal circumstances at all. While they have most likely put in a great deal of time and effort into their piece, it is hard to tell. It’s almost like I forget the author entirely and think the Internet just spits out content on its own.

As we all know, there are no repercussions for being pissed off at another digital person. We can cloak ourselves in anonymity and comfortably moan about someone without ever having to put our pants on. I have never actually gone into a comment section to troll someone I didn’t agree with, but I have certainly thought some uncharitable thoughts that were entirely unwarranted. It took me a little while to identify why I was getting annoyed and realizing that mysterious bloggers were not the problem; I was. Getting annoyed that early in the morning set me up for a day of being annoyed in general. Let me tell you, going into a Kindergarten class pre-annoyed is a recipe for disaster, and I’ve no one to blame but myself.

Quick! Go to my happy zen spot!

At the end of the day I need to realize that bloggers are people, and life happens to them. It might feel good to be sitting behind a screen and lamenting that I have nothing new to read, but it’s also childish and in no way helpful. By taking the human element out of the equation I set myself up for a bad day and I devalue the hard work being done by writers all over the world. I need to cut others some slack and appreciate them. I have learned so much from every single blog that I follow, and I am grateful for that. So this morning, after a quick search through my faves, I took a deep breath, re-read some past articles that I really enjoyed, and opened up my own little blog to write some content.

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